Analyses of the consumer’s needs, both intermediate and final


Innovative formulations


Product effectiveness


Excellent value for money

Business Development

This is the division that strives to make the company’s profit grow through research and the creation of business opportunities. An extremely important aspect in PHC is its close contact with Research and Development for creating contemporary ideas that are always in step with the market demands.

  • we assess the marketing opportunities;
  • we identify potential partnerships, customers and markets;
  • we support the product development process;
  • we manage business intelligence of customers and competitors;
  • we design business models for partnerships ensuring mutual satisfaction.

Regulatory Affairs

This is the division that oversees the marketing authorisation procedures of the products.

This division, set up mainly as a guarantee for the end consumer also supervises the safety and effectiveness of the products of the pharmaceutical industry.

By working in close contact with the Marketing Area and the Area in charge of Documentation, the Regulatory Affairs division thus acts as an interface between the requests of the authorities and the requirements expressed by all the company’s functional departments, in this way creating the right mix at the level of development and communication.

Product Management

Lastly, the Product Management division takes care of ensuring the ongoing growth of the product, maximising its value in line with the market demands, and planning, in consultation with the other departments, strategic production, marketing activities, and also the product image (packaging and advertising campaigns for launching the product).