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An agile, smart and dynamic approach, based on trust in our partners is at the basis of our corporate philosophy.

PHC is an independent, private Italian company, with expertise in the OTC pharmaceutical, medical device, functional cosmetic and food supplement markets.

Analyses of the context and in-depth knowledge of the marketing systems are at the basis of the growth and strategy of our brands.

We constantly develop specific and innovative products designed to meet ever-evolving requirements, lifestyles and expectations.

Our deeply-rooted presence on the market allows us to gain real-time knowledge of the competitive situation and the reference market, a factor that ensures complete customer satisfaction.

Trust and transparency

We work with transparency and trust with all the business units, department, and categories in all the countries where we operate.


We are proud of the results achieved, thanks also to confrontation with others.


We build up excellent relationships with all those who contribute to the realisation of our corporate mission, including customers, suppliers, universities and institutions.